Les Paul Special Review

Epiphone’s number one selling model, the Les Paul Special II, is more than just about the price. The Les Paul Special is a great way for beginners to get started on guitar with real, Les Paul tone and seasoned pros love the Les Paul Special II because it’s a great-sounding, workhorse guitar that lets them leave their more expensive axes at home.  That trademark Les Paul shape in an economical package, including to open-coil Alnico V Humbucker pickups for great classic sound and the Tune-o-matic bridge/Stopbar tailpiece combo for sustain and that signature Les Paul tone.

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Les Paul Special

Les Paul Special


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Here are some great features of the Les Paul Special:

Listen, if you want an inexpensive guitar with great sound and easy playability, buy this one. Period.  I have other, way more expensive guitars, like a Gibson ES-335, Dean 12 string, and a Fender Strat, but I gotta tell you, I like this one soooo much I play it more than the others! No kidding.Here’s what one of the owners had to say about the Les Paul Special:

The Epiphone LP Special II Les Paul Collection Electric Guitar is a GREAT GUITAR for $169.00 (The average selling price at the time of this review). The pickups, tune-o-matic bridge and stop piece are the same ones used in Epiphone’s more expensive guitars, and are similar to what’s used in much more expensive Gibson’s.  The finish and general fit and balance of the guitar are great. There was a time when budget guitars screamed cheap and were quite obviously low class in a lot of areas. Those days are past with the Epiphone LP Special II.

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