Fender Squier Review

This set features a great-sounding, sweet-looking and easy-playing Fender Squier SE Special guitar with three single-coil pickups. It comes with a 10-watt Squier SP-10 amp with headphone jack, an instructional DVD, an electronic tuner, guitar strap, gig bag, guitar cable, guitar stand and even picks!  What are you waiting for?  This will get you gigging in no time!

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Fender Squier

Fender Squier

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Here are some great features of the Fender Squier:

The package comes with a rock solid guitar (I was actually pleasantly surprised that it sounds as good as it does) an amp and all the accessories.  This is perfect for a beginner to practice at home with. Overall, this is a great package deal for someone to learn how to play guitar.

Here’s what one of the owners had to say about the Fender Squier:

This guitar is simply great and you get the whole package. It plays easy, has a 5 position pickup selector and is very well made in construction and appearance. The pickup selector switch has sounds from rock all the way to jazz which really surprised me.  The rosewood fret board is very easy to play and the guitar is strung with fender light gauge strings which enhance playability and there is no degradation of tone.

Vito P.

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